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Portland Small Business Accounting Services: What It Means For You And The Bottom Line For Your Company

Some business owners wrestle with the idea of who to hire to handle their money. Some like the idea of a CPA(Certified Public Accountant). A CPA does, more or less, the same thing bookkeeping services do, but, they work for the state. That means they, more or less, handle only large companies with large inventories. The best accounting solutions for small portland business accounting services usually come from a local bookkeeping company that can specialize on your specific needs.

A CPA can help advise you from a financial standpoint. However, they do not keep track of your daily routine. Most CPAs walk away once their contract is complete. A CPA will offer advice, but they are not going to hold your hand. They will probably tell you to call an online bookkeeper service, like us.

small business accounting services in portland

That is why you need help from our small business accounting services.

Some like to argue that outsourced bookkeeping is going to increase your spending, among other things. We are an online bookkeeper service, and we are here to tell you that it is not true. We have a list of the main benefits you will get from us if you choose to hire us as your online bookkeeper service.

What Do We Do?

1) We go through your financial documents with a fine-toothed comb. There is nothing we will not find. That is why a lot of small businesses trust us. They know we are just like them. We have the same routine hassles as you do.

2) We will keep track of everything you spend money on. We also keep track of outstanding accounts.

3) We also have outsource accounting personnel. There might be an issue that we cannot solve on our own. We use our outsource accounting resources to get everything finished on time.

How We Can Help Better Serve You

1) We will conduct audits regularly. We will even use our outsource bookkeeping solutions to help you do your taxes. You would have to hire someone else outside of a general CPA to handle your taxes. We do that for free, as part of our services. That means you save money come tax time.

2) Going through financial statements takes a lot of skill. You have to have internal knowledge of how the IRS works. That is what is great about small business accounting services being your day job. You know the rules.

We can use that to help. We get rid of the guesswork. Some businesses cannot seem to catch up because they are behind on other things. We will help. You can start to breathe the fresh air again once your finances are organized and completed.

3) The great thing about what we do is we know what tools to use. Some companies miss deductions because they do not know what to look for. They also pay more in taxes because they miss important information.

We take the guesswork out of all that. You will not have to pay more penalties if you hire our staff. Every member of our personnel has specific skills geared to certain tasks. That saves you money. You will not have to go back over things like you used to. Our staff gets it done right the first time.

4) We can help you make better choices with your business. We have noticed that when the company staff is overwhelmed, they cannot make clear and informed choices, particularly when it comes to finances.

The financial world will always be a giant pain. Allow us to help reduce some of that burden. All files will be updated and streamlined so they contain only the more recent activity.

We do not believe in holding onto something from ten years ago unless it benefits the company’s bottom line. We do that all at one low rate which is affordable to any client we work with.

5) Our flat fees one reason why some of our past clients have chosen us. See, a CPA can increase or decrease their rates, depending on the job. A CPA can also discriminate their prices based on who they work with.

We do not do that with our business accounting services. Our flat rates mean you will not be confused over the billing. You will not see surprised fees popping up. That also means you will not be overextended with our services.

You know what you will get with us and for how much. We cannot say the same if you hire a CPA.

6) Our bookkeeping services come with unlimited support for just about anything. That is what we had talked about earlier. A CPA will come in, do the work, and leave. You will not get that from us.

We will be there to help you through everything. Think of us as your live-in financial department with unlimited benefits. You can talk to someone at any time during the day. Someone will be there to speak with you, even if we are not physically standing next to you.

We will stay with you unless you tell us otherwise. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients, not short-term.

7) We will also, as a bonus, customize your records for your convenience. Some clients do not like a lot of technical jargon and numbers. They want something that is basic but explains everything. Other clients want the technical jargon so they can read it later. We will do both for your records. Your books will look brand new once we are finished with them without mistakes.


There are many reasons to hire a service like ours. In the end, your company will only benefit from what we offer. Our services are not a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter image of what we think you want. Our services are designed to fit you, not the other way around.

Small Business Accounting Services

For professional small business accounting services at a fraction of the cost of any Portland CPA contact us for all your accounting solutions. Overall, outsourcing your accounting tasks to a bookkeeping company should free up your time so you can concentrate on growing your business. Yes, this type of service does involve costs, but those are probably less than employing a full-time bookkeeper, and you get the benefit of having part-time services with full-time presence.

With accurate accounting in place, you can have peace of mind that any decisions you make will be informed, considered and right for your business. Fill out our quick questionnaire for a free custom consultation or send us a message on Facebook if you have something more specific to ask.

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Small Business Accounting Services
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