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QuickBooks Online

As a Pro Advisor and over a decade of working experience we know QuickBooks. As an established Partner we have earned benefits that we pass along to our clients including lifetime discounts and dedicated support.

QuickBooks is our software of choice for general ledger systems with built in accounting, invoicing & payment processing, receipt capture & compliance, and financial reporting & dashboards, this system does it all. Affordable, scalable and a strong ecosystem of connected apps, QuickBooks is the perfect hub for your business accounting and administration needs.


Transform your accounts payable and accounts receivable with Bill.com. With AI technology enter your invoices with a single click of a button to save hours of work every week, never miss a payment again and forecast your cash needs with built-in intuitive reports so you never find yourself in a difficult cash position without warning.

Our clients process from as little as thousands of dollars in payables to millions of dollars in payables. This system is truly scalable but remains affordable.We love Bill.com and we know you will too.

As a partner of Bill.com, as with all of our partners, we enjoy numerous benefits that we pass along to our clients including lifetime discounts and advanced support.


Gusto is the modern payroll for the modern (or even the not so modern) business. A complete online payroll solution, Gusto will fill all of your payroll needs from direct deposit to state and federal tax filings. A one-stop-shop for all of your employee needs, Gusto offers more than just the basic payroll services, get your group health insurance, 401k plans, workers compensation insurance and other benefits all in one place at competitive prices.



Expensify is the new shoe box for documenting all of your business expenses. We know you are a busy business owner and keeping receipts organized and complete can be a real headache. Easier than stuffing that receipt in your pocket and dumping it into a box, capture your receipts on the go with your phone, email or a quick upload from your computer, Expensify has you covered. Expensify also allows for your employees to capture their expenses on a personal or corporate card and has built-in reimbursements to pay your employees back for company expenses. Quick, easy and affordable companies of all sizes use Expensify.

Sohler Law

Sohler Law is our sister tax firm. Handling the tax needs of our clients, Sohler law can file your business and personal taxes all under one roof. Affordable and experienced Sohler Law not only files taxes but provides tax advice, tax efficiency and if you ever need it audit defense.

In addition to taxes Sohler Law also provides estate planning (imperative for business owners) and business transactional services for all your contract needs.

We believe in working directly with licensed tax professionals to smooth the transition between accounting and taxes to save you time and bring you the peace of mind that you are covered on all bases.