Peace of Mind for busy business owners looking for help with their Portland Bookkeeping and Accounting needs.

Business owners large and small need to have an organized accounting system in order to understand their business performance and communicate that performance to owners, investors, taxing authorities, and banks. Vector provides Portland Bookkeeping Solutions that specialize in leveraging technology to efficiently track and report your financial performance and health to those who need the information.

We have evaluated the software and technical landscape for you to come up with a best in class tech stack for your business needs. All of our software partners integrate seamlessly to provide a unified accounting system for all your needs.

Our tech stack has the power to scale from our biggest clients to our smallest businesses all at a cost that won’t break the bank.

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Portland Bookkeeping Services

Our state-of-the-art Portland Bookkeeping services will optimize and upgrade your business to be performing seamlessly with new modern accounting innovations and customer support you can count on.


Our Portland Bookkeeping solutions will keep your books up-to-date, code, classify and reconcile all of your transactions so you can get the information you need at anytime. Let us do the books for you so you can focus on the more import tasks of your business.

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With our partner payroll providers we can set you up for success. Never miss a tax filing, always get your employees’ paychecks correct and have the peace of mind that everything is taken care of for you.


Accounts Payable

Stop writing checks! No more stamp licking! No more check books! Bring your bills into the digital age as they should be.

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Working with Vector Bookkeeping

Vector Portland Bookkeeping services help companies large and small organize their finances so that owners can effectively manage their business operations. Our uniquely skilled team allows a full suite of accounting and financial modeling services. We will always go above and beyond to provide the best services possible to free up more time for you to run your business or focus on your family without the stress and complications that come with doing your own accounting.

Break the bookkeeping model in order to provide business owners with the tools they need to make business decisions by utilizing technology, creating internal business processes, and modeling the business’ performance.